About Us

Affinity Skilled Nursing is renowned for pushing the boundaries of healthcare. We’ve developed a personalized approach to nursing services and therapy. A team of caring professionals compassionately administers our various services. By preserving our values of resident dignity, self-respect, and rights to exceptional care, our residents can enjoy life to the fullest in a warm, inspiring environment. 


It’s time to give yourself or your loved one the gift of a life lived to its fullest capacity, all while preserving your independence and enjoying wonderful relationships with your new Affinity family. 


Affinity Skilled Nursing is proud to hold a 5-star CMS rating!

Our Team

Nothing makes a building feel like a home more than warm, caring staff! Affinity understands the importance of quality staff, so we attract, hire, and retain the best in the business. 

You or your loved one’s healthcare team may include: